Jim Gilkeson, b.a., c.s.t.

Jim GilkesonJim Gilkeson has more than forty years of experience in meditation and energy healing. He is the author of two books on energy healing, A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process and Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth. He lived in Europe for eleven years, where he returns regularly to teach energy healing in Scandinavia. He was on the Health Services staff at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California for fifteen years until Harbin was destroyed in the Valley Fire of 2015. During that time, Jim also practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area and taught at four schools of bodywork and massage in northern California before moving to Ashland, OR with his partner, Diane Tegtmeier. Jim is also active as a writer and musician.

My work blends light-touch hands-on strategies from craniosacral and subtle-energetic therapies to help your natural self-healing resources to be active in you. My trust is that your underlying process will lead you in the direction you need to go. My job is to care for and facilitate—literally, to make easier—the process of healing and development that is already at work within you.

My practice is informed by the subtle energy therapies I have developed since 1983. While these subtle energy practices do not come with popular, recognizable names like Reiki or Polarity Therapy, they do partake of the same universal principles at work in the more familiar “brand name” approaches.

The other main stream of my work comes from my training and experience with Craniosacral Therapy and Zero Balancing®.

My work applies to a broad assortment of issues, including:

  • Recovery from illness and injury
  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • Processing life changes
  • “Jump-starting” meditative processes

Jode Henvy, LMT

Jode HenvyJode has been a licensed massage therapist, and practiced in Ashland since 1999. Trained in sports massage, deep tissue, prenatal and Reiki. Massage therapy can be a voyage of self-discovery, revealing how it feels to be more relaxed and in tune with ourselves, to experience the pleasure of a body that can breath, stand and move freely.

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